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Convex Four-Side Pool Window


Convex Four-Side Support Pool Window

Our four-side support convex windows for swimming pools offer a unique spin on observation areas. These window panels curve outward and require special attention in their craftsmanship.

Using thermoforming, we produce these support panels using a female or male mold that matches the inverse dimensions of the final transparency. The parent acrylic stock is then positioned overtop the mold and heated to the glass transition temperature of acrylic. This allows the acrylic to shape to the mold, creating a convex panel. Next, we apply the edge detailing and finish the window for installation.

At Acrylic Pools, we take pride in our skill at producing and installing convex four-side acrylic pool windows, as attention must be paid to every step of the process. Cycle times need to be observed according to specifications to eliminate failures and surface stress. This also prevents improper fits and inaccurate dimensions from occurring.

Some manufacturers may cut corners during fabrication to save time and money, which can produce an inferior window that will have structural issues. At Acrylic Pools, we follow strict systems during both production and installation to ensure our convex windows are of the utmost quality.

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