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Four-Side Pool Window

Underwater Pool Windows

Underwater windows are transforming the way people see into a pool as well as how swimmers see out.

At Acrylic Pools, we are a leader of creating underwater windows for swimming pools – including what we call four-side support panels.

Our four-side support acrylic windows serve perfectly as underwater windows for swimming pools.

In addition to many other applications, these underwater pool panels are often used in competition pools, allowing guests to see into the swimming pool from a variety of vantage points.

So Let’s Take a Closer Look at These Underwater Windows

These panels are supported along all four edges. Two vertical jambs are used as well as a bottom sill and a top header. They are most commonly installed into an L-shaped rebate that integrates a compression-style baring face. In certain applications, a C channel may be utilized at the sill and jambs.

The baring face support is typically as thick as the acrylic underwater pool window panel. To ensure uniform loading along the baring face, special attention must be given during the installation procedure.

At Acrylic Pools, we have extensive experience in the installation process and pay special attention to the nuances that make a difference in the safety and durability of your pool design.

Four-side acrylic underwater swimming pool windows can be produced in massive lengths and widths to give a seamless look to your pool.

These monolithic underwater pool panels can measure up to 300” in length and 115” in width as well as height. It is even possible to exceed these dimensions by bonding acrylic or by using silicone joints in the construction of your underwater windows.

Our four-side pool windows have virtually no limitation to their configuration, and we’ve provided details on some of the most popular designs available below.

Cross-Section Views

These cross-sections will give you some insight into how four-side support underwater windows function and are installed.

Edge Design

A chamfered edge is the default for four-side support panels. It not only aids in the installation process but also provides safe handling during transport. This edge also works to protect the underwater pool window from fracturing under loading forces. You’ll see a chamfered edge integrated into all quality four-side support panels.

Common Designs for Underwater Windows for Swimming Pools

Acrylic Pools designs and installs custom acrylic windows that meet the needs of any pool design. Here are some of our available four-side support designs to give you some ideas of how we can engineer a personalized underwater window just for you.

4-Sided Standard Deflection

4-Sided Standard Detail

4-Sided Bonded

4-Sided Flat Mullion

4-Sided Standard

4-Sided Tee Mullion

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