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Case Study

The Honeycomb Albany Bahamas

Acrylic Pools was hired to install private pools on each balcony overlooking the marina

The Concept:

The design for the Honeycomb building and its adjacent public plaza in The Bahamas called for a 175,000 square foot residential building with a private pool on each balcony overlooking the marina.

Albany is a modern paradise-like beach and golf resort community, located on the south coast of New Providence Island. The Honeycomb is the tallest structure in Albany, making it a landmark in the resort, and a beacon from the ocean. The façade has a hexagonal pattern that uniquely frames the natural beauty of the Island.

The Solution:

The balconies are deep enough to not only provide outdoor spaces, but also summer kitchens and a pool sunken into the balcony of each unit. To take the design of these pools to the next level, we gave them a transparent edge towards the plaza, eliminating the visual barrier between the pool and the environment. Now bathers can be fully immersed in the view of the marina and the ocean beyond.


As the tallest structure in Albany, the Honeycomb presented unique challenges in that Acrylic Pools had to transport, install and seal our acrylic sheets at considerable distance from the ground. Our talented staff enjoys rising to challenges like this and we were able to complete the project on time and on budget.


The pools at the Honeycomb are truly innovative, providing guests with amazing views of the marina and ocean. Passersby are also treated to a memorable view as they look upon the Honeycomb and its balcony pools.

The building’s design was driven by an effort to maximize the enjoyment of the abundant natural qualities of Albany in The Bahamas: the landscape, the sea and the sun – the pools fabricated and installed by Acrylic Pools are a big part of that design. The honeycomb façade functionally supports the pools making them sink into the terrace floor and provides spectacular sight lines while maintaining privacy for each residence. Thanks to the pools and other elements of design, the Honeycomb has created a live, work, play environment unlike any other in The Bahamas.


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