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Pool Window Repair

Is your swimming pool window transparency in need of maintenance?

If you need acrylic window repair for your pool, we can help! Our team can help you fix any issue you are having with your acrylic pool windows. Contact us for maintenance and repairs.

Common Acrylic Window Repairs for Pools

At Acrylic Pools, we are experienced in fixing all pool window issues including leaks and failures. We will identify the source of the problem and get your pool back to peak performance.

Swimming pool window leaks have three primary sources: silicone failure, rebate waterproofing separation, and rebate failure. Let’s examine each source independently and review the required procedures to repair the leak.

Silicone Leaks

Silicone leaks are the most common form of acrylic window repairs. This is typically caused by improper installation or weathering. While the extent of the leak will have to be determined, we are often able to repair these issues with a patch instead of a complete seal replacement, saving you time and money. The vessel must be drained and remain dry during the complete repair process.

Rebate Failure Leaks

Rebate failure leaks occur when fractures in the rebate penetrate either the interior rebate cavity or the exterior of your pool. We can remove the panel to repair the source of the leak and will inspect the rebate structure for integrity during pool window repair. The pool must be drained and stay dry throughout the process.

Rebate Waterproofing Separation

Rebate waterproofing separation is caused by the improper application of waterproofing compounds. In these cases, the waterproofing compound has often separated away from the concrete substrate while still adhering to the silicone sealants.

During our pool window repair process, we will remove the window, sandblast the rebate and glaze the panel to eliminate the leak for good. This process naturally requires that we drain the pool and keep it dry until repairs are complete.

Polishing Swimming Pool Windows

Our window polishing services can restore your pool to its original beauty.

Over time and use, acrylic pool windows may start to degrade. They may show scratches and crazing, which we can eliminate.

The process starts with an aggressive abrasive and proceeds with incremental steps until a 1-micron optical finish is achieved. In some cases, this intricately detailed process can even be conducted while your pool is in service.

Beware of inexperienced pool window polishers. Many will leave visible distortions that reflect light abnormally. Always choose an experienced service provider such as Acrylic Pools if you need acrylic pool window repair.

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