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Pool Window Edge Design

Edge Finish Options

Incorporating stylish pool window edges allows for a finished look that also provides additional safety. Edge style options are determined by the window panel selection as well as the application of your pool. Pools that incorporate three-side support windows typically gravitate towards radius or bullnose edges, while a chamfered edge is the industry standard for four-side support panels.

Innovative Acrylics provides pool windows with the following edge designs:

Chamfered Edge

Chamfered edges can be integrated into all panel types as it reduces load forces. This edge can easily be transported to your pool site.

Radius Edge

As our standard window edge, the radius finish works well with freeboard and infinity designs. This edge style provides a personal touch to your pool as well as increased safety. The edge dimensions are typically 3/8” or ½” with alternative radiuses available.

Bullnose Edge

Upgrade to the bullnose edge for a rounded top. This finish is ideal for partition walls in spa pools to provide a smooth transition between a dry and wet surface.

Custom Pool Window Edge

We can create a custom edge design for you. Come to us with your design ideas and we will develop a personalized pool finish for you.

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