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Acrylic Pool Windows

Acrylic Swimming Pool Windows

Want a pool where swimmers can see out or passers-by or spectators can see in?

Then you need an acrylic swimming pool from Acrylic Pools. We are specialists in creating swimming pool windows that offer unique views.

Our swimming pool windows create an obstruction-free view and can be used in infinity edge designs. Not only that, but our acrylic swimming pool windows are also strong and durable and will provide years and years of leak-proof, crack-proof swimming fun.

That’s why more and more clients are contacting us about installing a clear swimming pool wall for them.

Swimming Pool Window Installation

We not only use Plexite, a major advancement in acrylic innovation, but we also follow unique installation procedures to ensure that our acrylic swimming pool windows are leak-proof.

To ensure this, first we properly seal the concrete, stainless, or other rebate substrate with a compatible product. Then we use a flexible silicone seal to glaze the acrylic pool transparency to the rebate.

Here’s more about those processes and the role they play in the high performance of our acrylic swimming pool windows.

Rebate Waterproofing

The concrete, stainless, or other rebate substrate first must be properly sealed with a compatible product. Usually this is accomplished by applying a cementitious waterproofing compound that when cured provides an impermeable membrane. Selection and application is paramount, incompatible or poorly applied products will cause separation that results in a leak.

Silicone Glazing

Most hydro-transparency installers offer only one solution for waterproofing sealants. At we offer two solutions for glazing pool transparencies.

Our slow-setting glazing solution is considered the industry standard. However, the limitation of this glazing option is the cure time prior to static water testing. Under optimal conditions this glazing solution will require between 3 to 6 weeks.

The second solution is a rapid curing product requiring 24 hours to 48 hours in optimal conditions. This product is more expensive, but is an ideal choice for accelerated installation schedules.

The End Result of Working With Acrylic Pools...

The end result of our acrylic swimming pool installations is that the pool owner gets an acrylic swimming pool with one or more clear swimming pool walls that people can see through. This swimming pool window will mesh nicely with the pool surroundings.

The acrylic swimming pool itself will also fit seamlessly with the surroundings and provide an almost irresistible invitation to the owners and their guests to jump in, go for a swim and enjoy the views.

Acrylic Pools can also be counted on to complete acrylic swimming pool projects in a timely manner. In addition, you can count on us to use our proprietary acrylic bonding technique to produce nearly invisible bonds while maintaining superior structural integrity.That means there won’t be bothersome obstructions when looking through your acrylic swimming pool windows.

To view some of our acrylic swimming pool window designs, please scroll down to see photos of some of our recently completed projects.

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