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Case Study

Private Residence on Anna Maria Island in Florida

Acrylic Pools was hired to install a Plexite® acrylic panel in an exclusive pool on Anna Maria Island in Florida.

The Concept:

Owners of this modern home located on Florida’s Gulf Coast desired a pool that would match their home’s intriguing, natural light infused architecture and brought in Acrylic Pools to install a pool with an acrylic panel.

We decided on a pool design with an acrylic see-through panel located near the top corner facing away from the house to provide the owners with a gorgeous view. The panel was also meant to provide their swimming pool with the same modern look as their home and ensure both the best viewing and swimming experience for anyone who uses the pool.

The Solution:

We designed and installed an acrylic pool that combined the best of both worlds – sturdy, leak-proof construction with a modern aesthetic feature (the panel). The acrylic panel allows natural light into the pool and also allows interactive viewing to occur – making the pool that much more enjoyable for swimmers as well as those outside it.

Our staff has the knowledge and skills to ensure a quality installation in every situation – no matter the challenges. We make homeowners’ pool dreams come true.

– Sean Stalter, Acrylic Pools


We faced a number of challenges with this project including limited space in both the access path and the actual pool construction area. In addition, we had to deal with unpredictable Florida weather and escalating temperatures. But in the end these challenges were overcome by our talented staff.


Acrylic Pools created a pool that is both fun to swim in and fun to look at. The pool window meshes nicely with the home’s own large windows. The pool itself fits seamlessly with the home’s design and provides an almost irresistible invitation to the owners and their guests to jump in and take respite from the hot Florida temperatures.

Acrylic Pools completed the pool in a timely manner and used our proprietary acrylic bonding technique to produce nearly invisible bonds while maintaining superior structural integrity. The owners said they couldn’t have been happier with the finished result.

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