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Circle Vertical Four-Side Pool Window

Pool Porthole

For a unique viewing experience, a circle vertical acrylic pool window can be installed as a pool porthole.

These circular window panels are placed within an L-shaped rebate. This allows for the rebate to take up the full perimeter of the panel for a seamless appearance in your pool design.

The thickness of the port acrylic window and the baring face support are made equal to provide safe and secure window installation.

Having a clear port hole in an acrylic pool wall can be fun for both kids and adults. Kids may pretend there are looking out a submarine port hole and adults may enjoy the unique view the pool porthole provides.

The standard pool porthole (circle vertical pool window) is also perfect for a variety of pool themes–and could be just what you need to take your pool design to the next level.

Get inspiration for port acrylic windows from photos of our finished projects below.

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