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Plexiglass Pools

3-Sided Plexiglass Pools Offer Amazing Design Versatility

The exposed top edge of three-sided Plexiglass pool windows allows for virtually unlimited possibilities in the appearance of your pool.

Not only that but Plexiglass pools are versatile in other ways as well. For example, you can get a Plexiglass pool cover and use the area over the pool as additional space when the pool is not in use.

You could even get a Plexiglass pool cover dance floor for a reasonable cost and use the pool area for dances or parties – this could be a great space saving solution for schools or other organizations.

Our three-sided Plexiglass swimming pool windows are secured at the sill and the jambs, leaving the top edge unconstrained and visibly exposed.

Again, this configuration offers amazing versatility in the design of a pool.

For example, the Plexiglass pool windows can be placed in a variety of designs, from conventional rectangular swimming pool windows to complex L- and U-shaped acrylic pool walls. They are often at their most breathtaking when used in an infinity pool design.

Three-sided Plexiglass pool windows are generally the panel of choice when designing pool transparencies for leisure applications. Most commonly, three-side support panels are installed into a U channel rebate that incorporates a cantilever design.

This type of panel is commonly utilized in the construction of infinity edges, spa partition walls and freeboards. Transparencies of this design have a polished top edge in order to provide an aesthetically appealing appearance that is safe for handling and usage.

Acrylic Pools is a Leading Provider of Plexiglass Pools, Including Plexiglass Above Ground Pools

We are also a leading fabricator of Plexite Acrylic (or Plexiglass) sheets. These sheets represent a huge advance in plexiglass innovation.

They are made from 100% virgin MMA (methyl methacrylate monomer) so that they deliver excellent clarity along with the strength and weatherability that clients demand in their projects.

In addition to being durable and weather-restistant, Plexite is also non-toxic and ultra-efficient at transmitting light.

This material is perfect for a wide variety of pool projects and allows us to create custom Plexiglass pools that are designed to customers’ specifications.

Not only can our experts create custom solutions that meet your project specifications we also, unlike many competitors, offer fabrication and installation along with our expert design services.

All of that is why it’s never been easier to get the plexiglass pool of your dreams.

Acrylic Pools creates plexiglass pool windows to exacting standards so that you can always count on the highest quality performance along with excellent optical characteristics, light stability and strength and weather resistance.

Also, several edge options are available for ourthree-sided Plexiglass pool window configurations. These edges can be selected based on the intended application of the window and the appearance you want to achieve. Designs include a radius edge, a bullnose edge and a custom edge – that’s right if you have a specific edge in mind, we can create it.

Above is a collection of finished projects representing our three-sided Plexiglass pool designs.

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