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Convex Three-Side Pool Window

Convex windows (for swimming pools)

Convex Three-Side Support Pool Windows

Three-side support convex windows project outward on the dry side of your pool. This unique shape requires specialized attention in the fabrication and installation process to ensure integrity while giving you a design that is custom to your pool.

During the creation process, a female or male end mold is created, depending on your pool build requirements. Here, an acrylic panel is placed over the mold and heated to the glass transition temperature. This allows the acrylic to take on its convex shape. After cooling, the window is finished and given the desired edge style.

At Acrylic Pools, we adhere to strict standards during the production of our convex three-side acrylic pool windows. By observing all necessary cycle times, we produce quality pool windows that eliminate the potential for failures such as surface stresses and improper fits. Some manufacturers will reduce the cycle times during the production of convex windows to save time and money. This can produce a window that is wrought with issues both visual and structural. Acrylic Pools’ convex windows for swimming pools maintain their integrity while adding beauty to your pool.


Edge Designs

Several edge options are available in three-side acrylic pool window configurations. These edges are selected based on the intended application of the window and the appearance you want to achieve.

Radius Edge

A radius edge is the preferred finish for the top of an acrylic support panel. This edge style is often used in both freeboard and infinity configurations. It provides safety as well as an appealing look that enhances your pool’s design. A radius edge typically ranges from 3/8” to ½”, though alternative dimensions are also available.

Bullnose Edge

A bullnose edge is an upgraded feature that provides a rounded top to the window. This allows for an edge-free finish. Bullnose edges are commonly used in partition spa pool walls, providing a smooth transition between wet and dry panel faces.

Custom Edge

If you have a specific edge style in mind, Acrylic Pools can create and fabricate it for you. We work at your request and provide pool window edges that will exceed your expectations.

See some of our completed three-side support acrylic windows below to inspire the design for your swimming pool:

                    Radius Edge Detail

               Bullnose Edge Detail

                Custom Edge Detail

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