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Three-Side Pool Window

Infinity Pool Wall Designs

Let’s take a closer look at our most popular infinity pool wall designs.

Three-Sided Infinity Pool Windows

Three-side support panels are secured at the sill and the jambs, leaving the top edge unconstrained and visibly exposed. Offering amazing versatility in the design of your infinity pool, they can be placed in an array of configurations, from conventional rectangular swimming pool windows to complex L- and U-shaped acrylic pool walls. They are often at their most breathtaking when used in an infinity pool design.

“Three-side support” refers to infinity pool walls that are constrained along three sides. In this configuration, a cantilever-style rebate prevents translational rotation.

The exposed top edge of three-side infinity pool windows allows for virtually unlimited possibilities in the appearance of your pool, but they all come down to freeboard and infinity pool edge styles.

Three-Side Acrylic Infinity Pool Windows

In an infinity edge design (also referred to as a zero edge), the pool waterline is at the same height as the top of the window. This gives the illusion of a pool that has no end. Water from the pool may overflow the top of the support into a lower reserve basin.

Three-Side Acrylic Windows in Freeboard Pools

In a freeboard edge design, the waterline lies below the top window edge. Details on Cross Sections of Three-Side Support Panels (Below)

  • 3-Sided Cantilever Deflection: This cantilever detail uses an increased rebate baring face embedment. This will result in less deflection and a cost savings as the transparency thickness can be reduced in certain applications.
  • 3-Sided Standard Deflection: his standard detail uses a reduced sill rebate baring face support. This will result in increased deflection unless a thicker panel is utilized.
  • 3-Sided Cantilever Freeboard Detail: This detail shows a freeboard edge.
  • 3-Sided Standard Detail: This detail shows a standard infinity edge.

Three-Side Support Infinity Pool Wall Section Overview

3-Sided Cant. Detail

3-Sided Cantilever Deflection

3-Sided Cant. Freeboard Detail

3-Sided Standard Detail

Edge Designs

Several edge options are available in three-side acrylic pool window configurations. These edges are selected based on the intended application of the window and the appearance you want to achieve.

Radius Edge

A radius edge is the preferred finish for the top of an acrylic support panel. This edge style is often used in both freeboard and infinity configurations. It provides safety as well as an appealing look that enhances your pool’s design. A radius edge typically ranges from 3/8” to ½”, though alternative dimensions are also available.

Bullnose Edge

A bullnose edge is an upgraded feature that provides a rounded top to the window. This allows for an edge-free finish. Bullnose edges are commonly used in partition spa pool walls, providing a smooth transition between wet and dry panel faces.

Custom Edge

If you have a specific edge style in mind, Acrylic Pools can create and fabricate it for you. We work at your request and provide pool window edges that will exceed your expectations.

See some of our completed three-side support acrylic windows below to inspire the design for your swimming pool:

                    Radius Edge Detail

               Bullnose Edge Detail

                Custom Edge Detail

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