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Rectangular Horizontal Four-Side Pool Window

Glass Bottom Pools

One of today’s hottest swimming pool trends is the glass bottom pool.

This type of pool features a transparent pool floor so that swimmers can see down below the pool and people underneath the pool can see up into it.

Acrylic Pools recently completed a major project in the Bahamas where it constructed balcony pools that allowed users to see the plaza and scenery below through a glass pool bottom.

These types of above ground glass swimming pools are often called glass bottom sky pools and they can provide some truly amazing viewsthrough the pool floor window.

Glass bottom swimming pools are often installed as an overhead skylight dividing the interior space from the exterior submerged wet side environment.

Another option is to install a glass bottom pool between buildings or as mentioned above on a balcony or a rooftop.

It’s possible with review to position the panel to match an incline commonly found in pool floors. Normally the rebate height is set to ½” deeper then the panel thickness to ensure a smooth transition between the panel face and pool floor.

Ensuring Against Slippage

A point of concern for glass sky pool designers is to ensuresafety against accidental slippage. It’s commonly known that acrylic has low coefficient of friction thus the potential for accidental falls is increased. Fortunately there are special processes that can be employed to improve the coefficient of friction of acrylic, thus satisfying regulatory authorities.

Special consideration must be given during the design phase of the glass pool floor to ensure deflection limits are properly accounted for. The industry standard maximum initial deflection for four-side support glass floor pool windows is (short side/300). Decreasing deflections beyond this is purely a cosmetic endeavor.

A Real Life Example...

Owners of a building in Guadalajara, Mexico, wanted a glass bottom pool on the roof so that swimmers could see down into the building and those inside could see up into the pool and through the water into the sky.

In effect, they wanted a glass bottom sky pool that would allow light to pass through the swimming pool water and into the building –and that’s exactly what Acrylic Pools provided. The company designed, fabricated and installed an above ground glass swimming pool on the building’s roof. The pool also included another transparent wall along the edge of the pool that allows swimmers to see out onto the roof and for those on the roof to see the water and swimmers in the pool.

The pool floor window is a unique transparency that will provide a fascinating addition to any pool.

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