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Concave Four-Side Pool Window

Curved Pool Windows

Our curved pool windows, or concave four-side support pool windows are the opposite of our convex panels, which protrude outward.

Our curved glass pool walls protrude inward for a viewing panel with some personality. The four-side support option also allows these to be used as distinctive underwater windows.

These curved acrylic pool walls have a special design process. We use thermoforming to mold the panel into a concave shape.

During the process, a female or male end mold is created, depending on your installation requirements.

An acrylic panel is then positioned over the mold and heated to the glass transition temperature. This allows the acrylic panel to take on the concave shape.

When cooled, the curved pool window, or radius pool window as it is also known, is finished and edge detailing applied.

Acrylic Pools uses strict production and installation processes to create curved glass pool walls. These prevent failures such as surface stresses and improper fits.

Some fabricators will cut necessary cycle times to save time and money. This can produce a faulty product with anomalies.

At Acrylic Pools, we have the expertise to ensure these specialty curved pool windows are created to spec and at the highest possible level of quality.

Your dream curved pool window awaits! Take a look below at some of our curved acrylic pool wall designs.

Then visit our pricing page to request a quote on our acrylic swimming pool window or wall prices now. A sales representative will be in touch shortly after you submit your query.

  4-Sided Standard Detail

4-Sided Standard Detail

4-Sided Standard Deflection

4-Sided Standard Deflection

4-Sided Standard

4-Sided Standard

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