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Pool Window Panel Types

Acrylic Panels for Swimming Pools

Acrylic panels for swimming pools can be divided most simply into two unique categories, three-side and four-side support.

With our three-side support windows, you’ll have beauty and luxury ideal for leisure pool applications. Our four-side pool windows provide full-submersion viewing and are ideal for competition pools.

Let’s take a closer look at both types now. First, let’s look at three-side support acrylic pool panels.

Three-Side Support Acrylic Panels for Swimming Pools

Our three-side acrylic pool windows can be integrated in a multitude of ways to suit your vision and the needs of your swimming pool structure.

These acrylic swimming pool panels can beused in both infinity edge and freeboard edge designs.

With an infinity edge or zero edge, we create a pool with a waterline that is the same height as the window panel for that enchanting illusion of freestanding water. Water may splash from the surfaceinto a lower reserve basin.

A freeboard panel creates a waterline that is below the pool window height.

In either instance, the beauty that these acrylic pool windows create will go beyond your expectations.


Freeboard Detail

Waterproofing: Taping

Waterproofing: liquid

Four-Side Support Acrylic Swimming Pool Panels

For pools that require a viewing area through observation windows or portholes, four-side acrylic pool panels allow for maximum observation capabilities.

These windows incorporate either horizontal or vertical panels to allow viewing from the side or from below.

In vertical installations, the water level of your pool will typically exceed the window height to provide a completely underwater experience for anyone who looks through the clear panels.

Our Acrylic Pool Panels Are Making Spectacular Views Commonplace!

While many pool window fabricators only offer single-sided-rectangular viewing panels, Acrylic Pools usesadvanced manufacturing techniques to chemically bond and thermoform acrylicso that it can create multi-sided viewing panels of nearly any conceivable dimension.

AcrylicPools is a major supplier of acrylic sheets for the pool market due to our extensive experience and expertise in creating optically superior acrylic sheets that are also extra thick for safety and reliability.

Our acrylic pool sheets are thick for safety and reliability yet also offer amazing optical clarity. The acrylic pool panels are available in a matte finish in clear or with color added.

You can count on us to create the pool of your dreams –a pool that will provide years and years of enjoyment to those who swim in it or even look into it.


Cross Section vertical 4 side support panel.


Vertical 4 side panel

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