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Attention-Grabbing Acrylic Pool Walls

Clear acrylic pool walls are an excellent option for pool owners who want to grab attention while also providing pool users with expansive underwater views.

These types of pools are particularly popular for commercial installations due to their unique design presence and large observation areas... but individual home owners can also enjoy and benefit from the installation of an acrylic swimming pool wall or walls.

The most common acrylic pool walls are four-sided window and three-sided window designs. For the four-sided acrylic walled pool, it can be installed with the wet face being the interior or exterior of the design.

For the three-sided window, it is constructed using two 90-degree angles and provides complete transparency on three sides of the pool.

Three-side support panels are generally the panel of choice when designing pool transparencies for leisure applications, while competition pools often utilize four-side support as full submersion observation windows in a vertical orientation.

Acrylic Pool Walls That Look Amazing from the Outside & Provide Truly Amazing Underwater Views to Pool Users Inside

Acrylic Pools personnel are experts at designing, fabricating and installing clear acrylic pool walls. Our four-sided designs are available in three angle junction styles: bonded, silicone and jamb.

As for the three-sided designs, we can produce and install individual acrylic pool panels in lengths up to 300 feet without the need for chemical bonding.

The angle joints of our acrylic walled pools can be created using acrylic bonding, thermoforming, mullions or silicone sealing.

No Viewing Obstructions

One of the big challenges facing builders of acrylic walled pools is creating acrylic swimming pool walls that are free from viewing obstructions.

At AcrylicPools, we accomplish this by having no top supports to obstruct the view and we also rely on cutting-edge technology, such as acrylic bonding, thermoforming, mullions and silicone sealing, to create bonds that are super-strong and leak-proof while not obstructing the view into or out of the pool.

We also offer a variety of top edge styles for our acrylic pool walls, including radius edge, an ideal design for freeboard and infinity windows; bullnose edge, this rounded top is perfect for spa pool walls; and we also offer custom edge designs.

We Turn Dream Pools into Reality!

Whatever you have in mind, our design goal is to produce clear acrylic pool walls that align perfectly with your goals – whether that is something unique and visually stunning or something that is more functional.

When designing, we aim to create solutions that are safe and effective for the task at hand and that can also be quickly fabricated and installed so that your project is completed on time and on budget.

Remember, we don’t just design and fabricate acrylic pool walls, we also install them. This allows you to work with one company throughout the entire pool production process and eliminates a lot of the delays and miscommunications that can arise when working with multiple companies.

Please scroll down to view some of our completed acrylic pool windows for both three-side and four-side installations.

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