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About Us

About Acrylic Pools

With a history that dates back to 2011, Acrylic Pools is dedicated to providing complete customer satisfaction by focusing on product innovation in all our swimming pool windows from fabrication to installation. We are committed to being competitively priced so you can choose quality over cost. By keeping our focus on the customer, we are able to continually expand our business operation to offer you more and even better services and products. You won’t have to look any further than Acrylic Pools to fulfill your dreams.

We have the experience and technical expertise to provide you with high-grade acrylic swimming pool panels that you will enjoy for years to come. We continue to innovate with our swimming pool products and redefine the possibilities of design with acrylic now and into the future. Join us in our pursuit!

Our Mission

Here at Acrylic Pools, we want to give you the ultimate view of your swimming pool through our acrylic pool windows. We offer limitless possibilities in acrylic pool panel design using advanced manufacturing techniques, transforming these windows through acrylic bonding and thermoforming to not only enhance your pool’s look but provide you a strong and secure support system. This allows us to bring you unmatched multi-sided viewing of your pool with unlimited opportunity for pool design.

We cater to you, whether you are a homeowner looking to take your pool to the next level or a professional looking to make a big impact on the development you are working on. Our pool panels are exactly what you are searching for, with an appearance that is breathtaking and seamless in its integration.

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Our Philosophy

At Acrylic Pools, we have made our philosophy simple. We are dedicated to providing top-notch swimming pool windows at a competitive price. Our transparencies deliver, and our design and engineering excellence shows through in everything that we do. We do this for you, the customer, so you can have acrylic pool windows that are custom designed for your swimming pool and the appearance you are looking to achieve. Together, we can do more and make your dreams a reality, whether you are a homeowner, contractor or developer.

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